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Bienvenida! Welcome!
Say "I DO" in both languages.

Pastor Jane offers the entire wedding ceremony in Spanish or in both Spanish and in English. Incorporate the traditional elements of your choice: whether the Unity Candle, the Lasso, or the Coins, Pastor Jane offers these to honor you, your family and friends and traditions, and includes these in both languages.

Your Bilingual Wedding Officiant in the Midwest!

Wondering if you should include Spanish in your wedding ceremony? 

YES! Claro Que Si!

My Story

What better way to say Welcome!? Because Spanish is often the first or primary language for couples, for members of the wedding party, or for some family members and friends, Pastor Jane offers a Bilingual Wedding Ceremony. 

Finding an officiant who offers both languages can be challenging for couples. In the Midwest (Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana) Pastor Jane is a rarity. A veteran of ministry around the world and a true professional, Jane brings compassion, laughter, loads of love, and her unique humor into the day. 

Contact her today for your Bilingual Wedding Ceremony! 


As you plan your  bilingual Spanish/English ceremony, send Pastor Jane a quick email. She books quickly and would LOVE to be part of your lives. 

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