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Fab Weddings

Your personalized wedding ceremony

begins with...

Getting to Know You!

Your Planning Meeting. All About YOU.

"Jane listened intently to the story of how we met and why and how we love each other, and she listened so well to all of our requests to make sure our ceremony was unique to us. It was so obvious to us and our guests how much she cared about making our day special."         

Sam and Lindsay

At Fab Weddings...

We want to get to know you.


Pastor Jane was extremely professional and personable. She made the wedding ceremony fun, serious, romantic and very enjoyable for everyone in attendance.

R&R Photography, WI



A memorable wedding begins with you, and your unique traits, loves, and story. 

After your personal phone or video call with Officiant Jane, once you decide the relationship feels like a great fit for you, your preferences, and your personalities, we meet together for more in-depth time. You'll bring your questions, your hopes, your dreams, and your journey to the table with her. Together you will build more than a wedding ceremony:

you will build a relationship together. 


Because your wedding began with your relationship to one another, our focus will be on building that relationship into a sustainable marriage that exceeds all the work and planning of a wedding ceremony. 


And Pastor Jane will treat you as a member of her family.  She is available to you before, during, and after your wedding ceremony. 

Because after all: You're building a relationship...together. 

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