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Fab Wedding Packages

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REACH OUT to Jane about special help for your upcoming ceremony...

With the disappointment and disruption of weddings during this season, Fab Weddings and Pastor Jane have made your dream wedding more accessible and affordable than ever. Jane is committed to you and to helping you thrive in marriage. 

Fab Weddings offers 3 packages, depending upon whether you want a Rehearsal and if you desire a Planning Meeting.


Premium Package: a Planning Meeting (either in-person or phone conference), unlimited e-Consultation, Wedding Ceremony and Travel to those events, plus a separate-day Rehearsal, would be normally be $750. 

Mid-Range: includes any two of my services. For instance, a Planning Meeting (either in-person or phone conference) and your Wedding Ceremony for $700. Or if you prefer, we can skip the Planning Meeting, include a Rehearsal and celebrate your Wedding Ceremony, for $700. Every Mid-range package includes unlimited e-Consultation and Travel to these events (no hidden fees, unless your wedding is out of state and requires overnight accommodations between rehearsal and ceremony ).

Basic Package: If you would just like my services for your Ceremony, without a face-to-face or phone-conference Planning Meeting, or rehearsal, the cost would normally be $650.

If you choose that most Basic option, I will send you some worksheets to fill out on your own and email back to me, so I can prepare for your Ceremony. We'll enjoy a 10-15 minute phone introduction, to answer any questions you may have, but not the typical 60 minute face-to-face or conference call Planning Meeting. The Basic Package for $650 assumes that you are comfortable with a brief Introductory phone call, email planning and a more "do it yourself" approach. Couples that want more of my involvement in the planning process (ie. extra phone consultations), but without a rehearsal, request the Mid-Range Package, for $700. 

Budget Concerns: For micro-monies and mini-monies, weddings with small groups or only a handful of your most beloved people, please talk with Pastor Jane about special rates. A small gathering still deserves a significant and meaning ceremony, and Pastor Jane will gladly talk about possibilities.

Jane's preparation was impeccable! Her ceremony words were well-chosen and beautifully presented with a sincerity and warmth that made our little "big" day unforgettable.

~ Olivia and Shaun

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